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Uluc Patriot

I was born in 1975 in Istanbul. After a very active and social primary school period in Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Primary School, I finished Secondary School and High School at Private Ata College. I completed my university education at Sakarya University Construction Vocational School. When we say I have completed it, we know that we have indeed completed it. Because my love for nature predominates, then our Reinforced Concrete teacher, dear Prof. Fair Light"Oh guys, you've read this chapter, but remember that Concrete is nature's number one enemy. Pay attention to this in the buildings you will build and always protect the nature"I will not do this profession with the promise ofI COMPLETEDI have decided on the word.


Subsequently, Radio management and program production were added to a busy and stressful work schedule in the field of Media and Public Relations.


"Ya now?" you may ask. Now I settled in Zurich, Switzerland. I set sail for a brand new life with my family.  

Oh, and of course, in this project with my friend Semih.CHATS LIKE WATERde  we walk together.


By the way, I don't like to talk much about my own personality and character. Because no man reveals his bad side when talking about himself; That's why  I am in favor of those who want to know me and learn and see who Uluç Vatansever is by sharing something with me.

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