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Kıyı Navigasyon Yelken Kursu

“Dreams are there to be realized. We are happy to share our dream with you on this journey we started with. Once again, thank you all for sharing your dreams with us.


Your Conversations Like Water, regardless of religion, language or race. In addition to our philosophy that looks at people as human beings, with the awareness that being human lies in educating oneself and having the ability to think.

We are implementing this collaboration, which started on October 13, 2013, in the program WATER LIKE CHATS, broadcast live or on tape over digital channels. 


No matter what your opinion is, if you want to be with us; You can participate in our publications individually or with your thoughts and criticisms.


E-Mail your messages: sugibisohbetler@gmail.comYou can send it to us at   . 

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