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Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia

Phantomimes Song (SLOWED)

Pantomime (/ˈpæntəˌmaɪm/;[1] informally panto)[2] is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is performed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and (to a lesser extent) in other English-speaking countries, especially during the Christmas and New Year season. Modern pantomime includes songs, gags, slapstick comedy and dancing. It generally employs gender-crossing actors and combines topical humour with a story more or less based on a well-known fairy tale, fable or folk tale.[3][4] Pantomime is a participatory form of theatre, in which the audience is encouraged and expected to sing along with certain parts of the music and shout out phrases to the performers.

Phantomimes Song (SLOWED)

Traditionally performed at Christmas and afterwards, with family audiences, British pantomime continues as a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, in-jokes, topical references, audience participation, and mild sexual innuendo.[46] Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, in his 2020 memoir, summarizes contemporary pantomime as classic folklore and fairy tales loosely retold in a slapstick theatrical comedy-musical, writing: "Think Mamma Mia! featuring the Three Stooges but with everyone's back catalogue, not just ABBA's", and furthermore including audience participation reminiscent of showings of the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.[47]

If You Wander Over YonderGeneral informationShowsWander Over YonderPerformersWander (Jack McBrayer)Andy Bean (animatic)Preceded byWestley's SongFollowed byThe Tale of Brad StarlightSource"If You Wander Over Yonder" is the closing song from the Wander Over Yonder episode, "The Little Guy". The song is dedicated to Westley's reform from bad to good, and Wander sings this to him showing the many things he'll do.

This was originally an animatic song heard during the end credits of "The Greatest" and "The Egg", planning it was going to be used in either episode but was cut. The song was later reused for the said episode.

Despite his reputation, however, Hater is exceedingly immature, prone to throwing temper tantrums and irrational thinking, acting more as a cranky teenager rather than an intergalactic conqueror. While he does have great abilities, Hater does not use the full extent of them unless it is to prove himself, often wasting his power for minimal purposes. It is also because of this that right after he accomplishes such feats it is his own ego and overconfidence that quickly causes him to lose in a situation with one like Wander, robbing him of intimidation and his dignity. Even most of his plans are somewhat frivolous or out of spontaneous desire, such as trying to prove his reputation whenever he is hinted to be "nice" or torturing others to use their screams for a song. He has also demonstrated naivete and an almost child-like nature, especially when learning of his nemesis' true identity that he fell into a captivated trance and developed an instant crush. 041b061a72


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