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Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia

Tuareg: The Desert Warrior(1984)

Sayah is, in his heart and mind, beholden to the law of the desert, where hospitality demands certain actions be taken by a host to protect his guests. When the soldiers kill one of the men and haul away another as a prisoner, Sayah is determined to uphold the law of hospitality, no matter the tragic consequences to him and to his family.

Tuareg: The Desert Warrior(1984)

Synopsis Constantly shifting dunes shape the scorching landscape...unprotected skin and eyes are blasted raw by stinging sand storms. This is home to the fiercest tribe in the Sahara Desert. Traveling by night, they navigate by the stars. Their dwelling is a tent, and they face a constant search for water. Bound by centuries old traditions, they are the proudest warriors on earth, and they abide by no man's laws...other than their own. Unable to impose their will on these desert nomads, the Arabs named them Tuareg- "the abandoned of God..."Mark Harmon stars as Gacel Sayah, the most fearless and noble of all the desert warriors. When two escaped political prisoners stumble into the Tuareg camp, they are welcomed and given shelter by the tribe. A corrupt military unit soon tracks them down, capturing one man and killing the other, along with several Tuareg. With the ability to survive for days in the desert without food or water, Sayah vows to rescue the captured man and avenge the attack on his people in order to uphold the honor and law of the Tuareg!

Tuareg: The Desert Warrior (1984) - (Mark Harmon) Italian 2-sheet F, EX $45 *Size: 39" x 54"Price: $45Condition: Folded, Excellent (minor edge damage)Watch on YouTubeThis is a 39" x 54" Italian two-sheet poster for the 1984 EnzoG. Castellari film Tuareg based on the 1980 novel of the sametitle by Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa, screenplay by Vicente Escriva andAlberto Vazquez Figueroa and starring Mark Harmon as Gacel Sayah.Plot summary: Crossing the Sahara desert in a part of North Africaonce controlled by the French, two travelers are given shelter andwater at the camp of Tuareg warrior Gacel Sayah. When governmentsoldiers arrive in jeeps and demand the travelers be released to them,Gacel refuses because the laws of hospitality require him to protecthis guests. The soldiers kill one of the travelers and take the otherprisoner Abdul El Kabir [Luis Prendes] because he is wanted as amurderer and an opponent of their government. Gacel follows on hiscamel, intent on rescuing his kidnapped guest because according to thelaw of the Tuareg, "an insult must always be avenged."This item is available for immediate shipment. It is variouslyknown to the public as a Tuareg poster, a Tuareg film poster and aTuareg movie poster.The original Italian title is Tuareg - Il guerriero del deserto.Put It in the Cart Add to, See CartSee Cart Now : 041b061a72


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