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Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez

Free Download ^HOT^ Easyworship Background Themesl

Pngtree offers HD easy worship background images for free download. Download these easy worship background or photos and you can use them for many purposes, such as banner, wallpaper, poster background as well as powerpoint background and website background.

Free Download Easyworship Background Themesl

Pngtree offers more than 186 HD easy worship background images for free download. Download these easy worship background or photos and you can use them for many purposes, such as banner, wallpaper, poster background as well as powerpoint background and website background.

Looking for a simple way to present your worship lyrics and church media during your Sunday worship service. EasyWorship presentation software is designed to present your worship lyrics, church mini movies, sermons templates, bible versions and Christian PowerPoint slides. See for yourself how EasyWorship can simplify your Sunday Service by downloading the free trial today. When your ready to purchase EasyWorship, visit ImageVine to receive a free download of our HD Christian Backgrounds or Motion Backgrounds.

Free cloud worship backgrounds featuring colorful/slow moving/atmospheric clouds. Download free church motion graphics for worship in 4K and HD. Lyric backgrounds for Propresenter, Powerpoint, Zoom & Mediashout. Get more free worship backgrounds.

These popular videos can make a great introduction to your sermon series or turn transitions into teaching moments. Dan Stevers also produces motion graphics and free worship backgrounds. What you get for free:

CMGCreate is a massive library of free still backgrounds from Church Motion Graphics. You can choose the aspect ratio for each image, and Church Motion Graphics is adding more all the time. What kinds of media they have:

ProPresenter is the best free church presentation software if you frequently use video presentations because it has high-quality video output capabilities. When you import a video to ProPresenter, you can play it immediately without downloading a third-party video player. This church presentation software also has video editing features to crop, resize, or adjust the volume and color of videos to make them suitable for your presentation.

Praisenter is the best free church presentation software if you have a multilingual congregation because it allows you to display up to two Bible translations simultaneously. You can use Praisenter to access The Unbound Bible and download the latest Bible translation available, so you are using updated verses all the time. You can also use this church presentation tool to save Bible verses you want to include during worship services.

Commentaires :Excellent software covering all the bases - powerful and flexible, and yet easy and quick to use. Frequently updated, support requests answered quickly, requested improvements and bug fixes introduced frequently.Great value. Reliable - our church use this every week. Highly recommended. Pros - for example:Comprehensive Import facility for song lyrics (eg Songs of Fellowship, EasyWorship etc)Backup and RestoreDisplay of song lyricsDisplay of bible versesBible verse selection (or even part of verses) is completely flexibleAny font can be chosen separately for choruses and verses and bible readingsDisplay of PowerPointsInbuilt Quick Slides feature - I often use this instead of powerpointsCan play videos and audio media, and choose a start and end point within a longer videoAll above items (and more) can be added to playlistPlaylist can easily be edited and re-orderedThemes can be freely created, edited and applied to items in the playlistSongs can each have their own default theme.Each item in playlist can have a different theme or backgroundChoose from plain backgrounds, images, motion backgrounds, videos, live videosSong Lyrics database includes license, songbook, key, tempo and theme (eg "Adoration")Song database is searchable by keyword and phrase Database, themes etc can be stored on Dropbox, to enable sharing across multiple computersVarious song arrangements can be created and savedLoop option so lyrics display can loop back to the beginning of the song Loop option can have a default setting per song, but can be over-riddenCan be controlled via keyboard, mouse or both - keyboard shortcuts can be changedUsing keyboard shortcuts it can be controlled using a presentation remoteSupports a massive range of media in many formats - all displayed without problemsAbility to display live video and on-screen alertsExport of playlist data including song lyricsCan create lists of songs for CCLI licensing returnsAdaptable to easily and quickly make on the fly changes during live presentation:For example, background, fix typos, fix order of lyrics, increase or decrease font sizeCons:Not able to individual edit fonts within a verse or chorusNo options for chord charts etcNo instruction manual - however, online and e-mail support is available, along with some online instructions and Tutorial videos, as well as in-built tips and help within the application.

Commentaires :I oversee the multi-media system at Birtley Community Church, which has been using ZionWorx V2.x for a number of years. I have taken a keen interest in the development of ZW2014 for the past couple of years, and have followed it from the initial concepts to the application it has now become. Phil Phillimore and I downloaded the released version of ZW2014 onto our respective home laptops and took some time to assess the benefits of upgrading. At times it was difficult to envisage how some of the new features would work in the live environment, but the Youtube training videos were a great help.BCC had an extensive library of several hundred songs / hymns within ZW 2.6, however we decided to start afresh when we actually went live with ZW2014. Starting with a clean sheet enabled us to arrange the songs with verses, choruses, bridges etc. in the correct order without having to copy and paste or hold duplicate data, thanks to the arrangements feature. PowerPoint presentations are used at times, mainly for notices, and these work well. Themes are also used, however we find that it is important to get the text and background combination correct. I have some photos and videos of autumn scenes (as well as some countdown videos), in the media directory, but yellow text, great on dark blue, becomes hard to see over the autumn leaves. We have a guy with visual problems who prefers black text on white background. Quick Slides, in conjunction with the Birthdays theme, is likely to be a favourite.Phil, who normally leads praise and worship, creates a playlist of songs and arrangements for the service on his own laptop. He then exports a play list package, saving it on a memory stick. It is easy to load the play list, with all features, onto the church laptop. Our projectionists have adapted well to the new version. The next step may be to save the play list package to Cloud storage and pick it up from there.Phil's laptop runs ZW2014 on Windows 7 (64 bit) as do the church laptops. My laptop runs Windows 8.1 (64 bit). We have had no compatibility issues to date.

Commentaires :I've used Zionworx for a decade, and the old (free version, 2.6) was quick and easy even on a low-powered laptop. The new version is a radical improvement and a delight to use.What I really like about Zionworx is the ease of setting up a playlist (sequence for a worship service); the simple operator interface for running the playlist; the ability to have moving backgrounds and even live video streaming overlaid with song lyrics; the quality of the fonts (smooth but sharply defined edges and soft shadows); the customizability; the integration of PowerPoint and the ability to create slide shows of images without even using PowerPoint. Oh, and the price, which is significantly lower than other software with comparable features (and I've tried most of the free ones.) Support for the software has been helpful and genuinely interested in ironing out any bugs.We had to upgrade our computer to use the new version - from an older Athlon processor, XP machine to an Intel i5 processor running at least Windows 7, but new machines will probably match or exceed this anyway. And, of course, it was a jump from the free version to paying for the new version. But it was definitely worth it, and the on-screen experience is very professional looking.


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