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Aaron Rodriguez

Video Strip Poker Game Download

The very first computer versions of strip poker were rather poor due to the technical limitations of PCs during that time. The first strip poker games offered nothing more than still pictures of sexy girls or very small windows with the models stripping but without any interaction between model and player.

Video Strip Poker game download


Torquemada Games never fails to innovate. In 2008, they introduced Video Strip Poker Boys. For the first time in history of computer-based strip poker, the opportunity to play not with sexy girls, but against male opponents was introduced!

In the latest installment of the series, the company has released an unusual version of this game called Art Strip Poker. In this game, success in the game is also rewarded with a gradual undressing of the opponent of our choice, but this is done in an extremely innovative way - the clothes were painted on the girl's body, in several layers. The girls are playing, therefore, stripped from the very beginning, although they seem completely dressed. This effect was achieved thanks to the perfect mapping of clothes in the bodypaiting technique and several visual video tricks.

You can't tell from Milka's behaviour (diminutive of Emilka) that she has very little experience with the camera. She truly likes her petite and bouncy body, so she is eager to show it off during the game and striptease, emphasizing its advantages with her sexy movements. However, as usual with the interactive show at Video Strip Poker, you have to beat her first to watch this arousing spectacle performed by Milka...Click here to see more pictures of Milka

Karina is an interesting blend of a sweet neighborhood pretty girl and a sensual seductress brimming with sensuality. Playful glance and charming smile make it impossible not to like her. Also her beauty, perfect, firm body with a perfect ass are also good reasons to play strip poker with her endlessly...Click here to see more pictures of Karina

Candice is a tall, slim, eye-catching young lady with clever eyes and a lot of self-assurance. She isn't timid, but you also wouldn't describe her as licentious. However, you won't be able to stop staring at her because of her slender figure, nice legs, thick and slightly curly hair, and absolutely stunning, shapely bottom. The Video Strip Poker HD and both provide Candice from now on. Have fun playing!Click here to see more pictures of Candice

Emma views a game of strip poker as a fantastic opportunity to hone her seduction skills. She exudes incredible sex appeal with every movement of her long legs, with every relaxed and tempting smile. She is quite a treat for lovers of nice, large natural breasts, not as perfectly formed as fake ones thus the more beautiful. Accept the challenge and make an effort to defeat her. Starting today, Emma is available in Video Strip Poker HD and Have a great time!Click here to see more pictures of Emma

If not-so-skinny and older than early-twenty girls appeal to you, Darsi is undoubtedly the opponent for you. This 31-year-old curvy girl gladly and audaciously exhibits her charms while playing strip poker, appearing to be an experienced seducer who just likes the game. You're invited to take part!Click here to see more pictures of Darsi

Irina is a friendly girl, who makes everyone eager to go out with her to party. However, if you get to know her better, you'll learn that this long-legged dark blonde with a beautiful bottom also enjoys more titillating entertainment, such as strip poker. Irina likes her body and is eager to show it to you, but she will do so no sooner than when you win a hand.

Noa is Latin sensuality at its best: temptation incarnate for any male. From the first moments of the game you can't take your eyes off her slim and firm body, Every seductive gesture performed by Noa will make you want to see more and more. Of course, there is one way to do it: beat her during a game of strip poker. Have fun!

Ariana is a cheerful girl who never refuses to have fun. This time she decided that what would give her a lot of fun would be to play strip poker. You will see that this is true when you play with her: beautiful thick raven-black curly hair, nice breasts with small dark lovely nipples, a nice round ass, plus size and cheerful personality will make the time spent with Ariana very enjoyable.

For Anita, a game of strip poker is a great opportunity to practice the art of seduction. Every move of her slender body, every gentle brush of her incredibly long legs, low cut dress to reveal her round, tight breasts and every smouldering glance show this woman's great confidence. Take up the challenge and try to beat her anyway. Anita is available in Video Strip Poker HD from today on. Have fun!Click here to see more pictures of Anita

When Lina plays strip poker her slender body, shapely boobs, passionate lips and eyes are nothing but the means she uses to first seduce you and then beat you when you lose your confidence. And she is such a successful temptress because of her secret weapon: she is over 30, experienced and still very attractive. Lina is available starting today. Have fun!Click here to see more pictures of Lina

Today's Dina is very joyful, relaxed and she truly enjoys the game. She is really slim and leggy and her wasp-like waist is something you will surely remember for a long time. Add passionate lips, plenty of really sexy moves, lack of shyness and... Boom! You have a great strip poker fun recipe!Dina's ready to play! Now!

Zoey is 34 years old, so she has gained some life experience. This allows her to come fearlessly face to face with anyone who would like to undress her during a strip poker game. Her condescending smile, revealing that she is convinced of her victory, will only give you the greater satisfaction when you show her how wrong she is. During the game, Zoey is calm and self-confident, but when she has to pay her debt, she does it willingly, without hesitation and without a bit of shame. Winning against Zoey will be all the more enjoyable that this slim MILF has a very nice, natural breasts with a discreet, attractive piercing in the nipple and is really willing to show her charms.

Please upgrade your game. Important information: all the new girls released after 15th of June, 2021 require the latest Video Strip Poker HD+ game engine and due to technical limitations they will not work with any older version of the game. If you still don't use the Video Strip Poker HD+ you can download it now from