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Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia

Magicon Senior Duo Buy Online

Carry this extremely handy and portable, 15000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger for your Magicon Senior Duo and stay online 24/7 on your phone. Its 1A output for faster charging makes it a perfect emergency charger to boost your smart phones when it is required the most. Features Multiple Protection, Auto Power, Over Charge Protection, Grade A Lithium-ion with best safety protection available. Perfect for using in travelling and outdoor activities, Protection for overcharge, over-discharge, overload, and short circuit, rapid charging and save your power. This cute design emergency charger for Magicon Senior Duo is made by best manufacturers in India. Stay connected with your dear ones and be updated with your professional life through your smart phones and tablets even during long distance travel. This portable power bank is specially designed to meet your charging needs during outdoors and emergencies. The elegant design and structure makes it easier to carry anywhere. The shipping is done in secured packing to make sure you get the product in perfect shape. It comes with LED display for charging along with remaining power status and intelligent charging, over discharging and short circuit protection facility. All these smart features make this device your perfect companion.

magicon senior duo buy online

Easyfone offered by Seniorworld is our top pick for the elderly segment. With a focus on simplicity, the phone is engineered specifically for senior citizens. The lightweight unit with a rubberised matte body provides a good grip and is easy to handle. In terms of specifics, Easyfone features a large 2.2-inch screen, a generous font size for legibility, and a keyboard that calls out the numbers when pushed. Also, the audio is outstanding and ring tone loud. Other highlights include a flashlight at the bottom and a side knob for locking/unlocking the device. It is equipped with an FM radio, Hindi menu and a basic camera that doubles up as a magnifying glass. A cradle charger that works like a stand and a programmable SOS button are some other standout features. Further, there is provision for setting reminders and blocking unwanted callers.

Remember Nokia 3310 the legendary handset launched in September 2000 that went on to become a hot seller. A new version of 3310 was rolled out in 2017. The easy-to-use phone, complete with signature Noika jingle and a simple interface is a fantastic choice for senior citizens. Though slightly slimmer than the original, the new phone has retained the same size and shape. It, however, flaunts a larger 2.4-inch colour screen, a twelve-button telephone keypad, and selection keys. Other highlights of the rebooted 3310 include a 2-megapixel snapper with LED flash, 3.5mm jack, micro-USB port for charging, dual-SIM connectivity and a robust 1,200mAh battery.

As you can see these 6 senior-friendly mobiles focus on features and functions that can benefit the seniors. More than this, there are many other smart devices for senior citizens that can give them comfort and ease. You can skim through online portals like Seniority and get an idea about the same.

While there's a steady stream of new phone releases almost every day, one category that usually doesn't get specifically targeted is the elderly. In the last couple of days though we've seen releases from Philips and Mitashi that are specifically for senior citizens.

The iBall Aasaan 2 is very similar, but added features like music playback and added storage. With a dedicated hardware button for a torch and large physical buttons along with the SOS button to call five user present numbers and play a siren sound, it remains a senior friendly phone. Though most online sites seem to be out of stock we have seen a few units at retail outlets, so it might not be too late to get one if you want to.

This Magicon feature phone is also a fairly standard senior citizen device - a simple interface, large physical buttons, and a high contrast screen with large fonts. An SOS button calls user defined emergency contacts, and this dual SIM phone is largely stripped down of other features.

What sets it apart is that a pull out tab at the bottom of the phone reveals a small magnifying glass - so the phone can be used to check a menu, or look up a number on a card when the text is too small for the elderly. It's an unusual idea, but you can see how it would be useful. This phone is out of stock on most online sellers, though we did find a few that are still offering it at Rs. 1,499.

Available online at Rs. 1,099, the Swingtel is clearly the budget option in this category, but we'd probably recommend putting down a little more money, because the readability of that screen with normal sized fonts will be difficult for most elderly people who typically need reading glasses.

Launched just this week, the Play Senior Friend from Mitashi is the only Android smartphone we found that seems to be catering to senior citizens. It is running Android 4.4 and we were initially concerned that a touchscreen might make operating the phone harder for the elderly, but Mitashi has customised the interface to make it easy to use.

Despite the huge number of new releases, we could spot only a few handsets on the market that are catering to senior citizens. However, if you've already bought an Android phone for an elderly relative, getting it to work like the Mitashi Play Senior Friend is also an option.

Finding a figure skating partner is a tricky endeavor, requiring the elements of athletic evaluation (think NFL combine), subjective judging on appearance and synchronicity (think "Dancing with the Stars") and the intangible of personal compatibility (think online dating).

Then, in a stunning rookie season at skating's top level last year, the Shibutanis took one giant leap together. Alex, now 20, and Maia, 17, became the first ice dance team in U.S. history to win a medal (bronze) at the world championships in their debut senior season.

Alex, known among skaters for his popular blogs -- he won an outstanding English scholar award in high school -- lives in his own apartment and attends classes at the University of Michigan. The 5-foot-3 Maia, who lives with Mom in the same apartment building as Alex, is a straight-A honors student and senior at Huron High School after years of home schooling. She is working on her application to Michigan this fall.

8. Tommy Casanova and "Pistol" Pete Maravich, LSU, 1969-70One of the more popular and versatile players in LSU history, Casanova was the only three-time All-American in school history. He helped lead LSU to a 9-1 season in 1969, but LSU refused a lesser bowl game after the Cotton Bowl took Notre Dame to face Texas. That 1969 LSU team is still considered one of the greatest in school history. On the hardwood, Maravich was working his magic on the Bayou. Floppy socks and all, the Pistol was named Naismith Player of the Year as a senior. He averaged 44.5 points and led the Tigers to a third-place NIT finish. He was taken third in the 1970 draft by the Atlanta Hawks.

9. Randy White and John Lucas, Maryland, 1974-75White was a force for the Terrapins in the defensive line and nicknamed the "Manster." The reason? He was part-man, part-monster and played that way. He capped his Maryland career by winning the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award as a senior and was named ACC Player of the Year. Lucas was the point guard on some of Maryland's best basketball teams. He averaged 19.5 points as a junior and was a first-team All-American, leading the Terrapins to a 24-5 record and an Elite Eight appearance, where they lost to Louisville.

10. Troy Smith and Greg Oden, Ohio State, 2006-07Smith won the Heisman Trophy in 2006 and led the Buckeyes to the BCS National Championship Game, where they lost to Florida. He passed for 30 touchdowns his senior season and endeared himself forever to Ohio State fans by quarterbacking the Buckeyes to three straight wins over rival Michigan. Oden, a first-team All-American as a freshman, led Ohio State to the national title game, also losing to Florida. He had 25 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks in that game. He played just one season at Ohio State and was taken No. 1 overall in the 2007 NBA draft.

The hitch, of course, is that you're limited to whatever inventory Apple's online store (sorry, retail shoppers) happens to have at any given moment. Right now, that includes a refurbished third-gen iPad with Wi-Fi (32GB) for $469 shipped. Don't blame me if you paid $599 for the same model as little as 10 months ago.

It's nice to score the occasional discount, but it's just plain awesome to get money back on just about everything you buy online. That's the appeal of cashback services like Ebates, FatWallet, and the newer MonaBar (see below), which pay you back a percentage of every dollar you spend at thousands of e-tailers.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Brent Butterworth conducted lab measurements of all the transmitters we tested to make sure the devices reproduced the full range of sound and had no excess latency. Brent has 30 years of experience reviewing audio gear and is one of a very small number of journalists who are equipped to measure Bluetooth devices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees animal welfare, investigated the incident, but in the end, it was unable to officially determine a cause for it. The USDA also did not determine whether Horn had suffered a stroke before or after the tiger grabbed him, according to David Neal, a senior investigator on the case. 041b061a72


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