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Jackson Reyes
Jackson Reyes

The Newsroom S01e04 720p Film [BEST]

The Newsreader is an Australian television drama series created by Michael Lucas, broadcast on ABC. The six-part series, exploring the personal and professional lives of journalists and crew within a 1980s Australian newsroom, premiered on 15 August 2021. It was ABC's most-watched drama programme of 2021,[1] received positive reactions from critics, and achieved the most nominations of any show or film at the 11th AACTA Awards.[2] In March 2022, it was renewed for a second series for broadcast in 2023.[3]

The Newsroom S01e04 720p Film

The series was filmed over 54 shoot days[35] during late 2020 and early 2021, under COVID-19 restrictions.[36] As a result, plans for expansive location filming could not take place, such as being unable to film in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, for the third episode, which is partly set there, and instead restricted to the state of Victoria.[25] Scenes in the episode, where Dale and Helen, among other journalists, are camped outside a house they believe Lindy Chamberlain is staying at, were filmed in Mildura, with many local residents having been chosen to portray extras and offered up the exterior of their homes to use for filming, which took place in March 2021.[37] The scenes in the episode where Dale, Helen, Tim, Ross, and other assorted journalists and cameramen, are waiting outside Berrimah Prison for Lindy Chamberlain's release were also filmed in Mildura, with stills during the filming shot by Adrian Chiarella, husband to Lucas.[38] Scenes in the fourth episode depicting the Russell Street bombing were filmed at the site of the bombing itself, Lucas commenting that the filming "shut down an entire city block";[39] Niki Aken, writer of the fourth episode, played an extra during the scenes in the aftermath of the bombing.[40] Creator Lucas himself cameoed during the second episode, portraying a DJ at Geoff's birthday party;[41] scenes for that were shot over three days, and the experience of cameoing - of which Lucas commented "I swear the director pushed me into that" - allowed Lucas the chance to become more accustomed with the cast.[26] Filming of the News at Six studio was done at the NEP Studios in Southbank, South Melbourne,[42] with the newsroom offices set in a disused chemical warehouse/factory in Brooklyn, west of Melbourne.[24][23]

Actress Marg Downey reported "[s]he won the role after submitting an audition tape from home", and that the first scene she shot was with William McInnes and filmed out-of-order, featuring early in the sixth episode.[43] For Robert Taylor, a vocal coach "from the era" was hired, due to the need to "sharply define his vocal style, versus the more relaxed style ... he has".[24] Chum Ehelopa claimed that when the show was pitched to him, he was unaware the show was "using actual events" and "just thought it was an '80s newsroom show".[44]


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