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Herkese Açık·39 üye
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez

01. Twisted Love - Ana Huang.epub [CRACKED]

None of these stories are well-done: brother's best friend, neighbour, nightmare tropes, who did this to you, my parents died or attempted to kill me, ex-psycho lover, millionaire CEO who doesn't date, grumpy-sunshine, family members who want to take your money. There were times when I thought I was seeing an actual soap from Spain.

01. Twisted Love - Ana Huang.epub

Even while Ana Huang's name might not be as well known as, for example, Nora Roberts', the first book in this series has already garnered her a lot of new readers. In the first book that Ana Huang has written, titled Twisted Love, the protagonists Jordan and Nina try to pursue their passionate love for one another, but they run into both internal and external obstacles along the way. You may obtain additional information about the book as well as purchase a copy by going to the Amazon website.

In the engrossing and heartbreaking novel Twisted Love by Ana Huang, the protagonists Edith and Hamish are involved in a relationship that appears to start off normally but quickly takes a sinister and destructive turn. As the plot develops, you will find that you have conflicting feelings about the characters. On the one hand, you will feel sorry for them, and on the other, you will be angry at how they are handling the personal problems that are driving a wedge between them and their loved ones. 041b061a72


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