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Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez

Sherwood Pet Hack V10 Hit

Zoë Rose is a highly regarded hands-on cyber security specialist, who helps her clients better identify and manage their vulnerabilities and embed effective cyber resilience across their organisation. Whilst retaining deep technical expertise, Zoë has developed extensive experience in designing and executing cyber security awareness programmes focused on helping people become more aware of cyber threats. Zoë also supports ethical hacking and incident response engagements and advises on best practice software development and secure systems architecture. Zoë is a Cisco Champion and certified Splunk Architect, who frequently speaks at conferences and is quoted in the media, and most recently featured in Vogue Magazine.

Sherwood Pet Hack V10 Hit

Transport Layer Secure (TLS), a.k.a. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is probably the most important security protocol used on the Internet today. This talk will cover the basics of TLS 1.3: the goals of the protocol and how it achieves them, what features have been added, removed and changed as well as talking through some of the (successful) attacks on previous versions that resulted in the new proposed standard. All online banking and payment sites as well as most popular websites and web services use TLS today, and the uptake is increasing as consumers demand more protection against both hackers and state agencies trying to monitor or interfere with communications. The TLS v1.3 specification, managed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) marks the biggest change in the protocol since 1996.

HMRC has recently patched two serious security vulnerabilities in its online tax system that allowed hackers to access and steal sensitive financial information belonging to UK tax payers. This talk will cover details of the vulnerability chain as well as the challenging 57-day journey of trying to get them fixed.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), have undoubtedly attained a prominent position in contemporary and future defense technologies. It has been increasingly used for Surveillance, Reconnaissance and have been planned to stop crude oil theft, to deliver online shopping products and even pizza. It remains important to understand their security and implication. This talk will explore different kind of drones and their associated vulnerabilities hence giving chance to audience to understand their flaws and work for anti-hacking solutions.

We cannot hack or firewall our way secure. Application programmers need to learn to code in a secure fashion if we have any chance of providing organisations with proper defences in the current threatscape. This talk will discuss the 10 most important security-centric computer programming techniques necessary to build low-risk web based applications.

This info is all well and good, but what if I cannot upgrade my OS.For example, My Macpro 2,1 is hacked to run as high as El Capitan.iTunes seems capped at 12.7.4I, very briefly updated ios to the newest version and my phone could no longer connect.But luckily I was still in the window to Downgrade back the iOS to the previous functional OS.

I resent that itunes refuses to provide support to vista & xp window users, I have spent so much money on these products & all my products are in the Apple family. It would be soooo easy for them to provide appropriate updates; what 30 minuets or so to to create a patch. I really really resent being forced to use icloud- you know that is subject to hacking just like everything else. 350c69d7ab


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