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Jackson Reyes
Jackson Reyes

Microsoft Makes Great IOS Keyboard, Twitter Makes Messaging Easier

Have you ever found yourself constantly scrubbing through a long voice note trying to find the important parts of an interview or a lecture? Noted solves that with hashtags. Basically all you do is start recording on your Apple Watch, and whenever you want to mark the beginning of an important section, you can simply add a hashtag at that point.Then, in the iPhone app, you can tap on those hashtags to skip to the timestamps in the recording when you added the tags, which makes it very easy to find all the important tidbits of a voice note. You can also rename the hashtags to make it easier to understand which section of the recording they refer to, which is also great.Noted is free to download, but offers a pro subscription that removes restrictions around the number of notes you can have, brings support for voice-to-text translation, and lets you export notes as PDFs as well.Download Noted from the App Store (Free)

Microsoft makes great iOS keyboard, Twitter makes messaging easier

WHY WE LIKE IT: This multifunctional keyboard streamlines web sharing and makes it easier to type quickly using its glide type function. It also provides the option of creating and sending custom stickers and GIFs, helping make it an all-in-one web search and sharing app.

This keyboard stands out among third-party keyboard apps for its unique approach to boosting typing speed and accuracy on iPhones. It comes with hexagon-shaped keys arranged in staggered rows, so it takes up more screen real estate than the default keyboards but makes it easier to hit the right keys. This combined with an efficient autocorrect feature makes it one of the most accurate third-party iPhone keyboards around, reducing mistakes and helping users type faster.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This keyboard makes it easier than ever to create and send your personalized Bitmojis. It includes a wide array of custom color and theme options as well as a Snapchat tie-in that lets you make 2-person Bitmojis with a friend.

iOS provides a message-threading capability, which organizes your email based on subject -- you click an icon to the left of a message header to see the related messages. That adds more clicking to go through messages, but makes it easier to find the messages in the first place. You can disable threading if you don't like it.


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