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Xenoverse 2 Edit Character

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 allows you to make a character with which to play through the original story mode. Much like the first one, this is your time Patroller that will save history for the iconic series. They will be one of five races, and have unique attributes based on that race. For an in-depth look on all of the races, go over to our guide.

xenoverse 2 edit character

Partner Customization or Mentor Customization is a new feature added into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with 1.09 update that allows you to customize characters you train under. Customized mentors are available on the roster on a new special last slot added to their characters, called Customize Partner.

For most characters there are two options available, default costume and custom color, which allows you to recolor parts of the mentor's clothes, much you can do it with your CaC's recolorable clothes. Certain mentors also have alternative costumes available, in order to access them you need to buy the respective mentor's gift at TP Medal Shop and give it to them. After that you will be able to choose alternate costume below Custom Color, although it is not recolorable. Alternate Costumes, just like all other unlockable options are save wide.

Here you can customize all 8 moves of the character, four Supers, two Ultimates, an Awoken and Evasive skill. The available skills range from generic attacks that almost everyone is capable of, like Meteor Crash or Consecutive Energy Blast, to all the attacks from all their other presets, attacks they may have done on a single occasion or they would logically know but aren't on any of their presets or even "what ifs", like Nappa using Super Saiyan. These generally greatly increase character's movesets, but some characters, like Whis or Lord Slug were given very little, which makes it hard to justify using their custom preset.

Here you can select the mentor's Super Soul, much like moves you can select souls from all the character's presets, or other people's if they're in close relation to them or have similar power. Cell for example can use super souls from the androids he absorbed, as well as one of Vegeta and Piccolo. Unlike for CaCs and much like for their regular presets, mentors' charged Ki Blast type will not change with the different super souls.

Each race has different abilities and stats which might not be possible for other races, for example, the Majin race has high defense abilities while Saiyans have high attack power. Super Saiyan transformation also can only be achieved by the Saiyan race and not by characters of other races.

You cannot change the race of your character during the game. You can only start afresh with a new character if you want to have a different race. You can however change the appearance of your character if you wish to.

You can always save your progress as the present character and start afresh. You will have to level up your character again and also need to go through the story mode and parallel quests from the beginning.


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